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The Bachelor?
This is regarding the ABC show "The Bachelor". After what 5 seasons I think it'd be nice for ABC to put a person of color in there rather than the odd person of color that quickly gets booted from the show as a potential.

Sure ratings will go down but so what? There are latinos, blacks, asians, pacific islanders etc that want to enjoy being the focus for a change. Sure would be nice if the US in 2006 was progressive enough to do such a thing. sigh
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QuickView: The Bachelor? - hmurchison 2/8/2006 07:57
 I think either last year or in 2004, there was a black woman... - Sarina22 2/22/2006 05:11
 You will never see that show unless BET produces it.... - ecjr23 6/24/2006 08:13
Forum Start > Relationships > Dating > The Bachelor?

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