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What I was reading today
Taken from the first book of a series of 17 volumes entitled

IFISM The Complete Work Of Orunmila by Mr. C. Osamaro IBIE

"As a pratical philosopher therefore, Orunmila appreciates that much as one may extend all the love to one's neighbors, the good turn is not often reciprocated. Nonetheless, he strongly advises against retailiation and vengance because the Divinities will always intervene on the side of the righteous"

"A man's first obligation to himself is to preserve himself through divination and sacrifice. If a stronger person is waging any overt or covert war on someone who lacks power to fight unseen forces, Orunmila advises resort to divination when in doubt and to make any sacrifice prescribed to the higher powers"

"This experince of Ejiogbe clearly illustrates that those who work in defense of the objective good, court the risk of envy and open aggression from others less endowed with benevolence and magnanimity. Those who insist on doing things the right way, incur the displeasure and wrath of those who stand to benefit from chaos, cheating and confusion. Those who do their work without expecting any extra curricular benefits in return, get called all kinds of discreditable names. In fact false stories are even invented against them, because the selfishness of human nature does not allow people to concede to others more credit that they are able to admit to themselves. For their own peace of mind, the less righteous must of neccesity surround their concious with a facade of false assumptions and justifications
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