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Where are the Good Women?
I’m a smart, educated brotha that is about to finish college in May. I go out to bars and night clubs and it seems like I don’t get any love from the Ladies. I’m very respectful and not much of a womanizer like my other friends, but it just seems like all the ladies want is a nigga that reminds them of Young Jezzy OR lil Wayne and not a brotha that is young and full of earning potential. Now granted, currently I’m still a broke college student; but even so I still should be getting some kind of play. Especially with the decreasing selection of black males available (prison, gay, or just doing nothing). I love my black women and will not settle for anything less. But whats good? What do I have to do?
Peace and Love to All
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QuickView: Where are the Good Women? - Peace07 4/7/2007 12:43
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 I'm a good woman all the way. I do what every good woman doe... - alesha 9/2/2007 08:36
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 Don't worry about the women, take care of yourself first and... - VickanS 9/27/2007 18:00
 Today's society, it's all about materialistic items more so ... - ecjr23 9/30/2007 17:50
 I have read all of the comments from everyone and I want to ... - gwil06 10/19/2007 11:39
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 NC_28269 thats not always the case though. because I've cons... - brian07 11/9/2007 21:07
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 Maybe it IS you - Alphanista 10/24/2008 19:41
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