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I'm just not feelin black women
This is just my opinion so please dont take it the wrong way. But I just dont get sistas now days. These sistas are just up here sleepin with no good brothas, havin babies by no good brothas, and expecting these thug brothas to take care of them, and there babies. If the brotha has never held a job before, what makes you think he can support a baby?. What do these thugs have on sistas that just make them want to open up there legs and cough up babies left and right? it the gold teeth, and the nappy hair?..the 20 inch rims. I mean what?. Because I see good brothas gettin turned down left and right from the average sista, for no good brothas. Sistas I feel like yall are hurting the black community having all of these babies with thugs. The children are the ones who grow up with a bitter mother, and no father around. A sista cant raise a boy to be a man. Thats a proven fact because if that was the case these young black brothas without fathers wouldnt be out in the streets all day. It takes a positive male figure to guide these brothas in the direction they need to go.Thats why your likely to find a sista going to college over a brotha because women have a women touch with each other and vice versa with males. now as far as me not feelin sistas. I just cant respect yall. I dont know why. Its just yall attitudes are so mest up. Im not going to sit here and say all sistas have bad attitudes, but most do. Yall have the "its all about me" personalities. the neck rollin, the head bobbin, the fast talkin, The one hand on ya hip the other hand in somebodys face personalities. The I want a "hood" brotha personalities. Then when you get these hood brothas and they leave you with nothing, you want the god brothas to step up to the plate. The ones you didnt give the time of the day to. and by that time the good brothas are out IR dating. then you hate on these good brothas for doing that, even though you past them up frequently for no good thugs. The loud talkin, the all eyes on me personalities, the im a queen personality, the what can I benefit off from it personalities consist in an average sista. Most sistas are getting fat and overweight. When the average sista hits 30 shes fat, with 2 or 3 kids with 2 or 3 different baby daddies. I've noticed black women never take responsibility for non of there actions. It's always somebody elses fault, or they compare themselves to other women. I'm not focused on other women, I'm focused on my fleshin sistas that have let me down. I mean these sistas are up on bet shaking there A**s all on tv, and its never the sistas fault on the subject of degradement. Its always the rappers fault. Like the rappers put a gun to there heads, tied them up, and made them appear in the video. I see more black women on the maury show everyday, trying to find there baby daddies. I go to local stores sistas are just having attitudes for no reason at all. On the phone all day talking to there baby daddies, our worrying about what there girlfriend shaniqua and her best friends baby cousin baby daddys sista is wearing tommorow. Weave hanging all the way down to there shoe strings, the frequent bubble gum smacking, the I dont care about anything but me and my baby daddy personalities. The average sista always go for the brotha who has a 1,000 females already on him, then they sit up here wondering why there man is cheating. This even go to the well educated sistas. I see these sistas are going with the dreadhead brothas with the gold teeth. It seems like these sistas are respecting the brothas with the 4 years in prison reseme then the brotha with the 4 years in college degree. Finding a good black women is like finding a needle in the pacific ocean. Like honestly, I cant respect women who dont even wear their real hair and show there natural beauty, instead of 5 dollar beauty. Like I didnt just wake up one morning and said to myself this is how it is, I've just been experiencing this for a long time.
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