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super head radio show
Broadcasting Industry Gossip 04/10/08

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2008-04-10 .

The Broadcasting industry may sound like fun and non-stop party time to some listeners but, to the people involved in the day- to-day, the broadcasting industry is a rough and tumble life. There is so much drama involved behind the scenes it will make you laugh, cry and say what the heck all at the same time.

Monique's radio show...

Although there has been a lot of buzz going around about The Monique Radio Show, Radio One still has not confirmed the deal. called the headquarters of Radio One and obtained the following statement, "Yes there is a deal on the table, but nothing is final...The list of stations are not available because that has not been worked into the deal just yet."

With this statement, people are wondering if the deal will fall through and leave Monique hanging. If you are a fan of the actress/comedian keep her and this deal in your prayers.

In other news...Monique has lost a significant amount of weight and people are speculating that it's the result of a recent surgical procedure. To date, Monique's weight loss due to surgery has not been confirmed.

Five minutes with Rudy Rush...

The District of Columbia, once known as Chocolate City, but now dubbed Little Manhattan, was recently blessed with a visit from comedian Rudy Rush. Rush was able to make some extra cash from being featured on the Martin Lawrence First Amendment Tour. had a chance to ask Rush about the current status of the Doug Banks Show, how he felt about the new time, and if he has heard of the website For those that don't know, The Doug Banks Show is a syndicated radio program that is trying to make a come back.

Rush replied as follows: "The show is good. I don't have to wake up at 3 in the morning to get to work. Yes, I know What they say about me, what they say about me."

The LaDawn Black and Karrine Steffans Radio Show?

LaDawn Black, the famous relationship expert and radio personality may be getting a new co-host. Black broadcasts out of Baltimore's 92Q station and is a seasoned veteran. Last month, Karrine Steffans hooked up with Black for a promo show and the two created a buzz. Their broadcast tape is being passed around to various stations and there are rumors circulating that there may be a syndication deal in the works. At this point in time nothing is official.

Everyone is expecting Steffans to say "Where the cash at?", but will Black way her options before signing a syndication deal?
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 Someone please turn off her mic!... - ecjr23 7/8/2008 04:54
 its necessary to have diversity in the firld of broadcasting... - thedrknghtno1 7/8/2008 17:24
 Serious though, what kind of advise can "Superhead"... - ecjr23 7/21/2008 12:32
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