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Popping the Question...when?
While on the way to Church yesterday my lady and I had a talk about proposing and when the ideal time in a relationship is. Of course it varies depending on the circumstances but we were speaking in generalities.

I said that Men generally think it's not much of a big deal to date a few years and then decide on marriage.

My gf said that that was WAY TOO LONG and that women are starting to get ****ed by then if they haven't sensed a forthcoming proposal.

WOW! Is that true ladies?? My best friend just got engaged after a year and a half and I thought that was damn early. My gf thought it was just right.

I guess there may be a bit of an impasse here. Most of the guys I know would think that in most cases 18 months is too soon for a proposal. I'd better get my butt in gear. My 2yr anniversary is coming this summer. If I'm not on the proposal track my life could seriously be in danger :P
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