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To Bernie Mac - R.I.P.
I first saw Bernie Mac on Def Comedy Jam....with the multi-colored shirt and painted graffiti blue jeans. After seeing others before him, i was thinking "another semi-funny guy", but for six minutes, a genius was seen that night. He had style, humor and knew how to motivate an audience. His tradmark intro "You don't understand!....I aint scared of you M***** F******!" had me floored every time. When he left that night, I knew that he was one comedian with a future and he did.

I admired Bernie. He said what was on his mind. Never apologized for it. And was honest about it. Unlike the other Kings of Comedy, Bernie was Bernie. He told about his family and the hardships and made you laugh about it. He was never a Bill Cosby, or a Pryor or a Foxx...He was a Mac...His style, attitude and comedy was all your face, tell it like it is...and no apologies, which made him the best.

To hear about his death made me go back to his skits and shows...the Bernie Mac Show was a true made you laugh, cry and think...and was never toned down...he opened up to America about himself and America loved it. And even from big roles to bit parts in movies, Bernie stole the show.

A true Mack has passed away...and because of him and his honesty, i laugh more and am honest with my life as well, So Bernie, I do understand...we all did.

and i know that the angels want him...he aint scared of the devil M***** F******!

till all are one...
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QuickView: To Bernie Mac - R.I.P. - thedrknghtno1 8/10/2008 04:40
 It broke my hear to see this. I was like everybody else hear... - VickanS 8/15/2008 17:25
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