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Should I just let him go?
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I cheated 8 months ago, should I just let go?
I was a GOOD GIRL!!!! A really GOOOD GIRL.... yet still, I found myself cheating on my boyfriend of 4 years about 8 months ago. I wasn't really interested in the guy, I didn't fall in love or anything, I just got tired. I didn't feel safe anymore, I didn't feel trust anymore, I didn't feel like he loved me, just the things I did for him, or the things I provide. He said he forgave me, however, he has yet to stop bringing it up in every single argument, and even in the simplest conversations. I KNOW I'M NOT FORGIVEN. I find myself crying for no reason, and every reason at all. He asked me why did I cheat? I told him cause of the way he talked to me, when we'd argue, I would be everything but a woman. He felt that my answer was insufficient and that he deserved another one. I don't know what else to tell him, that's why I cheated. Maybe I'm crazy and I don't belong in a relationship, however, I cant be disrespected like that. Something in me wont allow me to keep providing everything for someone, rent, car, spending cash, food, clothes, he's unemployed, and have them disrespect me whenever they want cause you feel like I fit your definition of a B#$@H at the time. I do love him; I just want him to exercise tenderness in his dealings with me. I am asking at this point should I just let go? It's feels like I'm constantly fighting a losing battle. I got pregnant 3 months after I cheated, "cause I cheated". I lost the baby not cause of our constant fighting, but because I cheated. I'm almost answering my own question; I just want to know what the brothas think. Should I just let go? Send him packing? Did I ruin a relationship on a childish hang-up?
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Forum Start > Relationships > Couples And Marriage > I cheated 8 months ago, should I just let go?

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