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I Think She's Playing With Me
ok im 21yo and i have been talking to a 25yo for a while now. we are not in a relationship. when i first asked her out, she told me she wants to be friends first. when i hear the "friend" word i know there is a 99.9% chance that all we are going to do is just stay friends. im cool with that. but progressively our flirting has come to the point of dry sex, so to speak. we get real cool, then we start to fight over dumb things. its when i try to leave her alone, that she comes after me hard. literally throwing herself at me. until i start to chase again. then eventually she starts to leave me hanging, i pull back and there she is again at me. i've asked her why haven't we gotten to together and she says im not mature enough. what does that mean? how do you rate maturity? so i try to be more mature... i don't play around as much. and she finds a reason to be mad at me. wtf is going on? its like every time we start to mesh she will find a reason to flake out on me. this has been going on for about a year now. then when i finally leave her alone, she goes off on me, saying "you gotta to work for what you want" seriously what is going on?

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