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Video Chicks Salaries
I know this sounds crazy but does anybody know how much money they pay women to be in videos? I know that some of them will probably appear for free.

But Im guessing they have to pay many of them.

Im just wondering because I see a lot of the same sistas in videos over and over. Some fine ones too!
Willie C. In The NYC
3/6/2006 13:30 Link - Ip: Logged - Quote:
QuickView: Video Chicks Salaries - willie6 3/6/2006 13:30
 More than I make that's for sure. ... - hmurchison 3/7/2006 10:11
 I would guess that they do not get actual salaries, but more... - VickanS 3/7/2006 15:22
 Now why would you want to know how much a "video chick&... - Sarina22 3/8/2006 13:53
 I wish! I mean... Im not for exploiting women but some of t... - willie6 3/8/2006 16:04
 Don't watch a lot of videos, but it seems like some of the w... - VickanS 3/9/2006 11:00
 I just better not see my woman up in one of those videos. ... - hmurchison 3/9/2006 14:44
 a friend of mine works for a mod agency. Most of the chicks ... - DatCat06 3/14/2006 12:55
 Yeah... I figured there were a few sistas commanding a littl... - willie6 3/15/2006 17:56
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