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What do flings really mean?
Ok here is the situation, in high school there was this guy, we went on one date, but we we re in the same clique so when we had parties we would have really intense make out sessions, but we never had oral sex or intercourse. Well after high school I went to the military got married and had two kids. I recently got a divorce and I ran into him again. It has been like seven or eight years since we had seen eachother and even after all that time we still have this strong sexual attraction. We had talked and he said that he doesn't want anything serious right now, which is cool because I don't either because of my recent divorce so we decided to just have a "fling", So it's been like four months since we've been having this fling, but all we do is have oral sex with each other. He hasn't even tried to have sex with me. I asked him why we haven't had sex with me and he says "we just haven't, aint no real reason we just haven't." That does not even make any sense to me. This has never happened to me before. He is really hard to figure out He asks me for money and other stuff, which I don't give him because he has his own money, but then he says he just playing he just wanted to see if I would give it to him. If this is a fling why is he asking me for stuff. I just want to know what is his deal, why won't he have sex with me. And he aint gay or a virgin.
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