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Why is there negativity by Blacks toward Obama?
I was talking to a good friend on the phone who was concerned about Obama getting elected for a second term. She was feeling bad about how some Blacks have not only criticized Obama, but they were not going to vote just to "show him something."

Now, the reality is that the COUNTRY voted for Obama so he has to help the country as a whole.... World Politics, Commander in Chief, Etc. Some people I heard said they were still the same way they were before...but then they were still trying to hustle someone else so they weren't helping their community or others.

Some told me they should get a check from Obama for reparations. That won't work. Bush tried to give the country 600-1200 dollars for tax refunds and that didn't help. Then I keep remembering the Chappelle Show with the skit about reparations....Ugh! People spending money for themselves and not saving it for their children or the future.

Last I hear about Black scholars who say negatively about Obama. The thing about that is they criticize but could NEVER do the President's job. The scholars have a short-sighted vision about the future that their opinions are a small bandage on a large scar....looks like in appearance but no long terms affects of change.

The President is doing a great job in my opinion. But I would like to hear others who have heard other opinions from Blacks about it.

What do you think?
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Forum Start > The University Cafe > Anything And Everything > Why is there negativity by Blacks toward Obama?

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