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Don't know what to do
I've been in a realationship for a 1yr and a half, he's younger then me. I'm 41 and and I have my own house (thats paid for thank God). I have 2 daughters one going to college next yr and 1 that's 10.

I have always told him that I have his back and he knows it but he plys this crazy ass game where he doesn't answer his phone or text messages. and I can't stand that.

So now i'm doing back to him, but I had to stop calling him because I was finding myself getting hurt in this. Because of the way that I feel about him.

We use to go places in now thats limited, n other things we use to do now we dont and im just over it. So now I want him to wonder what i'm doing.

I don't know what to do but I love him so much.
shh love
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QuickView: Don't know what to do - pookie 1/27/2011 11:49
 You didnt tell how old he is....that does play into this..bu... - thedrknghtno1 1/28/2011 03:23
Forum Start > Relationships > Dating > Don't know what to do

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