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Inexpensive date
I met a sista at the YMCA the other day. She said she was workign out while her son was in a swim class. She looked like a million bucks, a size 7, coffee with cream complexion, soft and gentle smile, humble spirit, soft voice, very articulate, pretty brown wavy afro, and eyes so white you'd want to put on sunglasses. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first to approach her. Most brotha's would too. She almost had this Halle Berry thing goin, and I dont' make that much money yet. She didn't have a ring on, so I though ok, I'll say something. So I walked up to her just as she was putting her towl around her neck to walk out the gym, and said, "You are so pretty". My hands were sweating, my knees were trembling, that she was going to be rude like we say most of them are. She looked up at me and said, "thanks, but not as pretty as you". Kid or no kid, I asked to take her out that day after that compliment. She told me she only had a couple of hours while her kid went to the play room to dry out, and we could either have a quick lunch then or I could come to the yard party she was having later that day. I chose both. I took her to a restaurant in a little town called downtown Decatur for lunch, then later she piled on the food at her party, all I had to provide was a bottle of wine to share, compliments and companionship. I asked her why she was single, she said "most brotha's tell me that they think I'm with someone already or they simply don't even look my way. Most are attracted to women that have the fake nails, and straight hair, and big bust, and most women just want to be acknowledged." Now, I could have been like most loosers (men that run from responsibility), and thought, sees looking for a father for her son. But truthfully, after she told me she is a single mom, I thought, "If she's not interested in having a father for her son, then she's a very selfesh woman, and I can't date her. I'll keep you'll updated.

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