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Sex Beneficial for Health
Sex Beneficial for Health

1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Science have proved that when women make love, a large amount the hormone estrogen is produce which makes hair and skin smooth and shine.
2. Sex also helps to recover the headache, arthritis pain or PMS symptoms, because high oxytocin levels are produce instantly before orgasm.
3. Sexual intercourse also helps to enhance our immunity system.
4. It also helps to reduce stress and help to keep low blood pressure.
5. Sex improves blood circulation. Due to increased heart rate and deep breathing, the fresh blood supply arrives in cells and organs.
6. It also improves cardiovascular health. Having sex at least once in a week helps to reduce the risk of heart attacks or stroke.
7. Sex also helps to burns calories. It is also an excellent form of exercise.
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Forum Start > Relationships > Sex And Intimacy > Sex Beneficial for Health

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