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Where are the women with the curls?
I'm not complaining fella's. Most of you that have been logging in and reading, know that I recently met this fine, fantastic, fabulous sista. Update, the past few weeks have been so relaxing and romantic for us. Last week, I had some folks over for a backyard gathering. She came out to help, didn't mark her territory like most would have done. She was so smooth and all smiles. She wore one of those hour-glass sun-dresses with a lot of flowers. I sat back and watched a lot of the guys gaze at her and look for ways to strike up conversation. It was so funny to see. But what was nice is that she let her hair out, full of boucy braid curls. And then I got to thinking, where are the women that wear curls? At this point I don't care if it is a weave. I'd just like to see more sista's with curls. I can't say that is idea is going to stop wars, but it can possibly be the cure for sore eyes.
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