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Need some solid advice
I am in love with a woman that has been a major part of my life for the last 6yrs. Five of those years we were engaged to be married and living together. I never cheated on her; but she felt that at one point I did. The problem is whenever I have contact with a female that she do not know, the has to be something going on. But when she has contact with another man, it's all innocent. We seperated when she allowed another man to call our home; at first she lied about it, then she told me the truth on how they met. She said that she just talked to him to get a man's opinion on issues that she felt we were having. I told her that this guy really do not care about what is going on between us, he knows that by him calling our home is going to cause friction between us. And that he only wants to drive a wedge beteen us, so that he canuse her. Well, that all came true. When I got tired of the constant arguing about this guy, I moved out to clear my head. They ended up getting a place together; this is when she realized that he was using her to support him. We tried to get our relationship back on track and then she decided to move to Vegas last year around this time. We kept in touch all last year; at on point she asked me about getting back together and finally getting married. I was all for it, until one day last November she tells me that she is engaged to an African guy, that she has been friends with for the 2yrs or so. I told her that if that is what she wants to do I hope that things works out for her. But also I do not want her to contact me ever again. Well, a couple of weeks ago she calls me to tell me that she is still very much in love with me; she knows that I am the only man that ever showed her true love; she felt pressured into getting married to this African guy; and she really do not want to remain married to him. I have told her that she needs to end the marriage, especially if there is no love for him. But she told me that she doesn't want to hurt his feelings or his family's either. She also said that she wants to give him a chance. I'll admit I am not a perfect man; but I have never disrespected her in any way. We have been through the miscarriage of our twins back in '99, I have gave her $500 to help her out of a financial bind while she was with the first guy. We laughed together, cried together. She still shows how concerned she is regarding my mom's recovery from a severe stroke last summer. I need good advice on how to proceed with this. What should I do?

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