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There Is Still Time to Get Back In the Game

(Mybrotha.COM) - I am a sports fanatic! Well, I used to be. Basketball was my game of choice. I was always playing and watching whatever basketball game was on television. Players, I knew them! Stats, I knew them! I could remember in college, I wouldn't even get a job because I thought it would interfere with my "hoop time". Speaking of college, did I mention my degree is in Sports Administration? So, as you can see, basketball was a big part of my life; but as I got older something happened.

My love for the game of basketball diminished as I started to pay more attention to another type of competition. There's one particular competition I have been following for quite some time now and frankly, I don't like how a lot our young people are playing the game.

You see, the competition that I am referring to is the competition of educational positioning. Educational positioning is where our kids rank amongst their peers. A lot of our young players have not been properly prepared to play in this game. As an educator, I have a courtside seat at this competition. I watch many of our kids come to class without a care in the world. I watch our young players laugh and joke at failing grades while the young players in the Far East are focused and outscoring our players in every educational statistic. Not only are they outscoring our young players, but young players in the suburbs are outscoring our urban and rural players, just to bring it a little closer to home. Now, we can put the blame on lack of resources if we want to, but I think the biggest challenge is changing our players' mindset about education.

So do you blame me, the teacher, for all that is wrong with our education system? What about the head coaches, the parents? This is where it all begins. It is the head coach who gives their players the foundation that they need to be successful. It's the head coach who gives their players the game plan, motivation, and inspiration to compete. I am merely an extension of the head coaches.

Not only am I a teacher, but I'm also the membership chairman of the PTA. My job is to come up with ways to increase our membership and I have been pretty successful with that task; But not as successful as I would like. You see I have been able to increase membership amongst the teachers, but not so successful with increasing parent membership. Out of about 1000 students, there are two parents that are active in the PTA. Now that's a problem!

What about the assistant coaches, the community members? As a teacher, I fall in that category, but what about the assistant coaches right there at home? We have to step up when the head coach is falling short. Remember, it wasn't Phil Jackson's offense that helped the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers win all those championships. It was his assistant coach Tex Winter who brought the triangle offense to those championship teams.

The good news is there is still time to get back in the game, but it's going to take some work. It's going to take the head coaches, assistant coaches, and our young players all working together. It's the fourth quarter and we're down by 10 points. Let's call a timeout, regroup, rework our strategy, and get back in the game. READY BREAK!!!

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