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Virginia's Restoration of Voting Rights: An American Issue
If we want to understand the importance of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell's recent voting rights reform, we need to look back all the way to the 1901-1902 Virginia ...
The Truth About "Stand Your Ground" Laws
Since the death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, there has been a whirlwind of media coverage about "stand your ground" laws, and how a local police department's failure ...
Are All Men Really 'Created Equal'?
Since Lincoln's paperwork freed us in 1865 and Johnson's paperwork dubbed us equal in 1964, it's accurate to conclude that freedom and equality are not politically identical...
What Obama Knows About Race In America
Many blacks in America are hoping President Obama takes a definitive stance on race relations. More specifically, how to improve the conditions within the Black community...
Drug Abusers Not Getting Needed Treatment
The vast majority of prisoners who could benefit from drug abuse treatment do not receive it, despite two decades of research that demonstrate its effectiveness, according to researchers at the National ...
Afghanistan/Pakistan: The Real Nuclear Threats
Retired Army veteran Greg Boyce knows the real reason American Soldiers and Marines are in Afghanistan. For Americans to fully understand to role of American ...
The Obama Effect: How He Will African-American Boys & Men
While African-American men have always had prominent black male historical figures to applaud, we rarely learned much about them. Both U.S. and world histories ...
Barack Obama Becomes First Black U.S. President
Voters throughout America waited in long lines and battled disruptive voting machines, but eventually flooded the poll booths and elected the first Black president ...
Will Your Vote Count?
The 2008 presidential campaign has electrified voters throughout a long process, as Americans have experienced a series of political ...
Obama Gatherings Debunk Myths About Supporters
Rallies for Democratic Nominee Barrack Obama have been plentiful. These gatherings launched the Obama campaign's 50-state voter registration drive, whose goal is to register millions of new ...
Rehabilitation Over Incarceration Works for Youth
The findings from two surveys polled by the Center for Children's Law and Policy that reveal youth should be rehabilitated rather than incarcerated is a resounding rejection of a movement ...
A Losing Battle
You may not be aware of this fact, but the U.S. and coalition forces fighting in Iraq cannot win this war. Not because our soldiers aren't smart enough, skilled enough, or strong enough ...
Race and Poverty No Longer Dirty Words In Democrats Mouths
In the span of twenty-four hours, top Democratic presidential contenders Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards uttered two dirty words that have terrified Democratic presidential contenders for more than a decade ...
Justice Department to Monitor Elections in California and Massachusetts
The Justice Department today announced that on Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2006, the federal government will monitor a special recall election in Rosemead, Calif., and primary elections in Boston and ...
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