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Black History Quizzes
Black and African-American history provides insight into the fabric of our culture. We celebrate the histories of our black scholars, writers, inventors, homemakers, revolutionaries, trend-setters, and civil rights icons. These quizzes will test your knowledge of a variety of Afro-American people, places and events.
» Black Heritage: Variety  
A variety of mind-testing questions from some of the most significant moments, events, and topics in Black History. Test your knowledge of Black culture and history with this quiz.

» Black Heritage: From the 60's To the Millennium  
Remember the changing world of the 60s and 70s? What about the jumpin' 80s and 90s? These questions offer a look at notable persons, places, and moments in Black History.

» Black History: African-American People, Places, and Things  
Your your Black history expertise to recall some of the most prominent African-American people, places, and events.

» Black History: People, Places, and Events  
Explore Black culture and historical roots with this quiz. Test your memory of past and present people, places, and events.

» Black History: More Influential People and Events  
Test your knowledge of well-known Black persons and historical events with this quiz. This mind-bender should be a good test for those who consider themselves history buffs!

» Black History: Facts & Figures In African-American History  
Time to review some of the most important Afro-American historical facts and figures. The difficulty level for this quiz is 3.8-4.2, so it's definitely a good test for history lovers.

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