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The Queen of Soul, the King of Pop, the Godfather of Soul. Black music in America is comprised of a unique mix of passion, pain, joy, and spirituality. We celebrate the history of black music and the emergence of new genres such as hip-hop and Neo-soul.
» Black Music: Variety  
Get started with variety quizzes and test your knowledge of past and present Black music.

» Black Music: More Variety  
Take on more Black music quizzes by answering questions about artists, concerts, groups, and performances.

» Black Music: Duets  
Two voices, two hearts, two minds -- it all makes sense. Recall some of the most memorable Black duos by match the artists with their songs or history.

» Black Music: More Duets and Collaborations  
Can't get enough duet trivia? Try on these questions for size. Test your knowledge of Black collaborations that the harmony they produced.

» Black Music: Classic Groups  
Remember those old school groups? They used to sing about love and romance, and did it with feeling and passion. Test your knowledge of classic groups by answering these ten questions.

» Black Music: Artists and Their Former Groups  
Some of the best solo acts got their starts in highly successful groups. Test your skills by matching the artist with his or or former group.

» Black Music: One Hit Wonders  
Here today, gone tomorrow! Some of the most memorable songs were created by one hit wonders. Try to recall some of the biggest hits by artists who quickly disappeared.

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