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What's In A Name? A Nickname, Of Course
This show remains an iconic symbol of struggle and growth, but also featured some of the most unique nicknames for its characters.

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1. Title character James Evans affectionately called Thelma __________ often.

"Candy doll"
"Sweet cakes"
"Sugar dumplin'"
"Baby girl"

2. The jovial building repairman, "Nathan Bookman", was often referred to by this nickname?

"Lard Basket"
"Buffalo Butt"
"The Big Kahuna"
"Beached Whale"

3. J.J. sometimes switched languages and called his younger brother by this name:

"Eduardo Evans"
"Mr. Miguel"
"Mikey Wikey"

4. Due to her excessive nosiness, James often referred to neighbor Willona by this negative nickname:

"The Rona Barrett of the Projects"
"The Abby of Chicagoland"
"The Gossipping Ghetto Queen"
"The Black Reporter"

5. This overdressed neighborhood pimp and hustler was simply referred to as ____________.

"Sweet Daddy"
"The Tyrant"
"Project Boss"

6. Which character affectionately called Florida Evans, "Flo"?


7. Willona and the entire Evans family gave a crooked local alderman this nickname:

"Watergate Davis"
"Balderman Davis"
"Sneaky Davis"
"Non-essential Davis"

8. "Grahams", was a nickname given to Michael by which character?

Nathan Bookman
Penny Gordon Woods
Willona Woods
J.J. Evans

9. This friend of the Evans family frequented funerals, usually those of people she didn't even know:

"Sad Sally"
"Weeping Wanda"
"Upset Yvette"
"Grieving Greta"

10. Due to his overly aggressive belief in Black power, Michael was frequently called _______ by James.

"Huey Newton Evans"
"Michael X"
"The Black Ghandi"
"The Militant Midget"

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