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Knowing A Little About Women
If only we knew all there is to know about women!

No man has all of the answers. In fact, no man has any of the answers! But you can certainly test your own basic knowledge of the female personality, a woman's health, and other stuff we usually have no clue about.

Take this 10-question quiz to see where you rank.

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1. The menstrual cycle occurs:

Once a week
Once a month
Once every 9 months
Once a year

2. She's had a rough day at work and wants to talk to you about it. Most likely she is:

Seeking advice
Trying to show you her sensitive side
Just wanting to share her feelings with you
Trying to blame you for her bad day

3. If your mate asks you to be more open with your feelings, she's asking because:

She's looking to create vulnerability within you
It makes her feel important and closer to you
She really likes to hear you talk
All of the above

4. Usually, when a woman desires to hear the words, "I love you" or, "You're beautiful", she is:

Seeking reassurance
Wanting to hear your definition of those words
Bored with the monotony of day-to-day relationship life
Contemplating leaving the relationship

5. Crying could mean:

She's happy
She's sad
She's looking to do you harm
All of the above

6. When it comes to relationship dynamics, many women believe:

That in order to be happy, she has to make it appear that the man is in control
That women are a whole lot smarter than men
That men are a whole lot smarter than women
That they shouldn't be concerned about their own desires

7. If your mate buys a new outfit, she is likely:

Buying it for herself only
Buying it for herself, but wants your opinion
Buying it for herself and could care less about your opinion
Buying it for you only

8. Why do many women like for their mates to call them every now and then?

Because she wants to know his every move
Because she's paranoid about him getting into car accidents
Because it's considerate and it lets her know that he's thinking about her
Because she believes phone calls to be one of the rules of relationships

9. If your mate asks for your opinion, she is likely:

Seeking an honest answer from you
Seeking to share the topic of the question with you
Seeking the help of someone she trusts
All of the above

10. When it comes to being romantic, many women want a man who is:

Forceful and demanding
Caring, attentive, original and confident
Following her lead
Only romantic right before intimacy

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