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'America's Marriage Coach,' Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario, details proactive measures married and other couples can take to make a relationship as spectacular and exciting now as it once was.   Full Article »

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The 10 Mistakes Men Make In Relationships
We all know relationships can be tough. But men have ...  Read More
Black Women: Successful and Single
The more success she has, the harder it will be to find suitable ...  Read More
Online Dating: 9 Rules For Men
Most men fail to follow at least 5 of these 9 online dating ...  Read More
13 Relationships Truths We Can't Avoid
The difficulty of relationships is realizing that people are not ...  Read More
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Featured Relationship Articles

13 Truths About Relationships We Can't Avoid

The difficult side of dating and relationships is understanding that the world, and people, are not precise puzzle pieces that fit neatly together...
Dating vs. "In A Relationship"

After spending most of your days and nights together with no clear direction on where you're heading, it's only a matter of time before a man is asked the question: "So, what are we?"
Why Do Most Black Men Avoid Marriage?

Why do Black men avoid marriage? It depends on the man and his personality. Lyn Lewis explores several lifestyles portrayed by...
Can We Really Handle Independent Women?

How do black men deal with a woman who's been raised to make it without him and how do black women the ones who really want to love and be loved reach out ...
12 Men a Black Woman Should Never Date

I'd be willing to bet the farm that every living, breathing black woman has dated at least one of these guys at some point. Relationships with them will not only be ...
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