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Our belief in the Creator of Heaven and Earth is very intense within the Black community. Whether we worship our God as Baptists, Muslims, Methodists, or Catholics, we celebrate the systems in which we worship and praise our spiritual leader.
Award-Winning Pastor Debuts Program on BET
Pastor Andre Butler is Continuing the Impact of "Cell Groups" and Targeting X and Y Generations By Employing New Methods to Reach the Masses ...
Pastor And Televangelist Honored For Over 50 Years Of Ministry
The good works of Dr. Frederick K.C. Price will be honored with a week long celebration in Los Angeles from July 23 through July 29, recognizing Dr. Price's more than 50 years of ministry and the 15th year of the founding of the Fellowship of Inner City Word of Faith Ministries (FICWFM).
Opting for the Truth When Presented Tradition
Herbert L. Floyd's book The Things of God That Make You Go "Hmmmm" - Opting for the Truth When Presented Tradition offers readers an explosive view of church practices v.s Biblical policies ...
We All Come Up Human
As human beings, we are imperfect creatures, saved only by the grace of God. People often set themselves up by placing expectations on friends, family, etc. without fully pondering on their ...
Do Some Black Churches Help or Hurt the Community?
It would be extremely naive to believe that the ongoing battles in our communities are solely the result of dysfunctional families, lack of quality schools, systemic racial injustices, and low-paying jobs ...
Help For The Dysfunctional Family of God: Silent Suffering in the Pews
The community of faith continues to be put on public display in the media, with the recent murder of a beloved pastor in Tennessee by his wife. Their unfortunate tragedy underscores the need for more attention to be devoted ...
In God's Image
French doctors announced this past weekend the successful completion of the first partial face transplant. The high risk, fifteen hour surgery, performed the previous Sunday, surprised the eight member surgical team in the quality of its result.
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