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Getting Rid of Razor Bumps

Okay. Here it is. The number one question the guys at Mybrotha.COM get asked:

"How the heck do I get rid of shaving bumps and ingrown hairs?"

While there is no clear-cut, magical solution that cures all men, we've conducted extensive research and located three of the most successful products for fighting razor bumps and ingrown hairs. These three products have been used and tested by thousands of Black men, including the guys at Mybrotha.COM.

Since no one solution works for all men, we've found that some faces do better with one treatment system, while other faces get smoother with another system. Of course all of these shaving treatment systems require that you maintain usage over a period ot time, in order for them to be the most effective.

If you haven't read our article 8 Great Shaving Tips For Black Men, be sure to check that out before trying any products. This article gives you insight into what causes razor bumps and techniques you can use to avoid them in the future.

Now, enough with the formalities! If your face, neck, and back of the neck, are already riddled with unsightly razor bumps, we recommend these three effective solutions that have produced positive results for thousands of Black men:

Bump PatrolBump Patrol
Introduced in 1993, Bump Patrol's Original aftersahve treament quickly became one of the most popular ethnic shave products in some of the nation's biggest retailers. Bump Patrol's well-researched formulas contain soothing agents, antiseptics to reduce bacteria and prevent infection, skin hydration, and emollients. Each of Bump Patrol's best selling products come highly recommended by dermatologists and barbers around the world. Bump Patrol is sold at select beauty supply stores and grocers nationwide, and at select CVS, Fred's, K-Mart, Rite Aid, Sally's, Target, Walmart and Walgreens.
Black Opal Men's ShavingBlack Opal Men's Shaving System
Black Opal is a leading skincare and cosmetics line specifically designed to address the unique needs of women and men of color. The Black Opal enterprise was started in 1994 by BioCosmetic Research Labs with the consultation of Dr. Cheryl Burgess, an African-American dermatologist who has spent years treating troubled skin. During those years, Dr. Burgess noticed a lack of over-the-counter skincare products available for black skin. As a result, Black Opal cosmetics were developed to target ethnic skin. Black Opal's men's Shaving Survival System contains advanced treatments to help alleviate problems associated with shaving.
Barc Formulated For Men of ColorBarc - Formulated For Men of Color
Barc is a complete skin-care system designed specifically for men of color. Barc's "Bump Down" product focuses on the needs of ethnic men by utilizing glycolic acid and triclosan, which help reduce irritation and ingrown hairs caused by shaving. "Barc is for the man who knows that personal image is the most important thing you own and the only thing you can control." These quality products have been proven to work whether your skin is light, chocolate, caramel, midnight or brown.
As we continue to seek and test different solutions, statistics may change. So be sure to check back often for updated on these and other shaving solutions.

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