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Frederick B. Covington

Other Titles:Occupational Therapist,  Musician
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Frederick B. Covington was born in the small southern town of Bennettsville, South Carolina. This is a town where everybody knows everybody. People here know your first name, last name, and could even talk to you about most of your relatives. Being reared in such a tight knit environment, Frederick learned the true sense of community and togetherness.

Following his grade school education, Frederick applied to and was accepted at several prestigious universities. But it would be the call of Howard University in Washington, DC, that Frederick would answer. The mere history of Howard and the multiple and notable minds it bore drew Frederick to its halls of learning.

Frederick’s attendance at Howard University brought him, a southern gentleman, to the big city. It was another world from the country life. It was one evening when Frederick was watching the news when he really noticed the difference. When the news comes on in a small town the most exciting thing to see was the county fair or highlights of the high school football game. When the news comes on in the North, Frederick noticed that most stories were about or pertained to what some African American male, age 22-28, approximately 5 ft. 6in. - 6 ft, with dark colored hair had did or was wanted for. After talking with his Mother back home, she discussed how the problem had also invaded the South. The major African American/Black shows were not The Cosby Show or Family Matters, but were now Cops and the evening news.

This prompted Frederick to ask himself one question, “Am I my brothers keeper?”, and the answer was emphatically yes. With this mindset Frederick began to take part in community programs, mentoring organizations, youth counseling, and forming his own pediatric nonprofit organization. He strives to provide a blueprint or model of what direction African American men can go. He strives to lead by example and for youth to learn from his experiences and experiences of others. This would imbed the seed of “Therefore I Am: A Book for African American Men”.

Frederick Covington the Occupational Therapist

Frederick majoried in occupational therapy at howard University. He is currently practicing as an independent contractor working in pediatrics, general population, and the geriatrics in and aroung Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. one of the highlights of his career is his award winning invention "Therakey". For this he received the National Maddak Award at the American Association of Occupational Therapists convention. Therakey was derived from Frederick's work with patients who have neurological deficits (i.e. strokes, brain tumors, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, etc.). He saw a need to combine his two loves music and helping his patients. Therakey is a therapeutic program that incorporates basic music keyboarding with therapeutic activities and exercises. Through these exercises and activities patients and clients can develop, maintain, regain, and improve multiple performance components.

Frederick Covington the Musician (aka B.Loved)

As one of the most promising, young producers to grace the DC metropolitan area, B.Loved is ready to stake his claim as the next buzzmaker to hit the industry.

His artistry comes alive as he fuses the fundamentals of R&B with classic adult contemporary. His music serves as the beautiful instrumental pieces to which artists and lyricists alike feel comfortable and inspired to add their talents. While writing lyrics are also in his repertoire, he concentrates his energy into writing and producing quality songs whose destinies lie in being tomorrow’s greatest hits.

While attending Howard University, he composed music for frats and sororities for step shows, worked with several fine art students on their musical projects, and created material for aspiring vocalists.

One of his first experiences was his work as Studio Assistant for mutli-platinum producer/former Bad Boy HitMan, Chucky Thompson at his label Chucklife Productions. Here he worked in all studio and artist performance capacities. Through a series of independent projects, he also worked with platinum producer Bill Appleberry, companies such as Sweet Soul Entertainment, national artists Frankie, local artists Knightz of the Roundtable, LLAKE (aka 4U), and Power of Three, and at such venues as Ruffhouse Recording Studios, For Sisters Only, and Unifest. He has worked with producers of Faith Evans, Notorious BIG, SWV, Nas, Bishop T.D. Jakes Sr., Total, Born Jamericans, Ice Cube, Kelly Price, Carl Thomas, Color Me Badd, Carl tomas, Dave Hollister, Jennifer Lopez, Mobb Deep, Mary J. Blige, and New Edition. B.Loved is ready to take his career to the next level.

"I’ve been a musician since age eleven – starting with the piano, moving on to the sax, and now perfecting the guitar. My music keeps maturing and I want to present it to the world", says Covington.

Musical influences such as Stevie Wonder, Babyface, Lionel Richie, and Brian McKnight serve as inspiration for the type of music he serves up. He can identify with these writers and their commitment to the basics - melody, quality, and innovation.

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