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B. Nathaniel Smith

Other Titles:Mentor, Youth Pastor
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With roots stemming from the soil of Oxford, North Carolina and raised in the New England territory of Waterbury, Connecticut, B. Nathaniel Smith, or “Nate”, has authored this guide to share that all men should have five affirmations actively operating in their lives. His experience, influence, talent and skill are without question exhaustive and the basis of such is his innate desire to see men successful, productive and established. By teaching and training men to exemplify the five affirmations mentioned in this guide, there will undoubtedly be an exponentially positive affect on lives, relationships, cultures, generations, and society as a whole.

A few of his accomplishments include mentoring; lecturing as an adjunct professor; serving as a Youth Pastor; working in corporate America as a director, executive, and manager; he is a noted orator; a student; and now an author.

As a mentor he has positively impacted the lives of numerous students and youth. While serving in the postsecondary education field and holding various leadership positions, he has developed an uncanny love for education and the wherewithal to know that any individual can be successful with guidance, encouragement, discipline and boundaries. As a Youth Pastor he has learned to serve and humble himself while positively contributing to the lives of youth. As an instructor he has learned that “words”, if communicated correctly, will and can make any marginal student, a scholar. A globally sought after orator, he has mastered the art of being able to convey complete thought in verbal imagery. Nate has scripted several research papers and created training seminars for students, governmental officials and professional agencies.

Life experiences have taught Nate much and now is the “due season” in which to share those experiences with others. Future endeavors include workshops on 5 Ways to Affirm a Man, a theatrical production of the book as well as a made for television movie. Furthermore, a men’s magazine that deals with the positive accomplishments of black males is in the making as well as plans for a leadership training and professional development school for men.

Nate pursued his undergraduate and graduate education at Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA. He currently works with a private company as an educational consultant and resides in the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC area.

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