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Patrick W. Brown

Other Titles:Naval Officer 
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Patrick Brown is a Naval officer and author. His new book entitled DRAPER'S PASSION is dedicated to his two sons, Patrick and Jackson. The book is designed as a guide for those African American males, young and more wise, to help deal with the pressures and challenges they face on a daily basis.

Brown's motivation for writing DRAPER'S PASSION was his desire to bring to light the many pointed issues facing African American males, young and old. Understanding these issues, their ramifications, and their overall impact on society is the first step for men to reclaim their throne and elite status in this constant, ever-changing world. DRAPER'S PASSION provides insight into the various complexities facing modern day African American males. More specifically, the book offers an important views of African American men in corporate America, the fight against HIV, incarceration, single parenting, racial profiling, and how to deal with the modern day African American woman.

With the increasing number of women, not only in the workforce, but also in high-powered positions, the family responsibilities beyond bringing home the bacon is finally catching up to the millions of men in the workforce. These added responsibilities are changing the male role within the family structure.

For African American males, these pressures are exponentially intensified because of the obscure inequalities facing them in the workplace, the struggle to claim their identity, and the challenge to overcome this adversity in the eyes of their women. Brown releases his inner personal frustrations through a fiction genre capturing the feelings and experience that African American men are struggling with everyday. He sheds light on issues facing the 30 'Something' African American males and offer, not solutions, but avenues to overcome these challenges. This generation of black males is educated more than ever before, whether on the streets or in the classroom.

However, deep down inside, we’re still lost, disconnected. Draper’s Passion brings us together. Responsible for the Navy’s Logistics IT business systems, Brown serves in a Naval branch which acts as the lead assessor for validation of requirements budgeted via the Navy’s $1.5B to $1.7B annual Consolidated Spares and Repair Parts budget.

Brown has also been recognized with several awards including:

  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal (3)
  • Navy Achievement Medal
  • Navy League Batchelder Award (1997)
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