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Other Titles:Poet, Disc Jockey, Engineer
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Walter Marcellus (aka "Marc") Lacy is the second child and first son of three children born to Walter and Julianne White Lacy. Marc attended elementary school in Huntsville, Alabama and Pusan, Korea. His middle school years were spent in Bitburg, Germany where he played baseball, basketball, and football. Upon returning to the states, Marc enrolled in S.R. Butler High School where he concentrated on and excelled in academics and basketball. His four years of hard work were generously rewarded in the areas of English, German, Political Science, Mathematics and Athletics. Mr. Lacy graduated, Cum Laude, from Alabama A&M University (AAMU) with dual Bachelor of Science Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Design Technology.

While matriculating through AAMU, he was a starting forward for the men's varsity basketball team. He also maintained his status as an "Honor Athlete." In addition, he was initiated into several different organizations - Sigma Tao Epsilon, a professional fraternity, Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated; Tau Alpha Pi, an Engineering and Technological National Honor Society, and the National Society of Black Engineers. Leadership has been a characteristic possessed by Marc since his high school days when he was president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Captain of the basketball team. In college, he received three student leadership awards and the Huntsville Athletic Booster Club's Jerry A. Davis Outstanding Leadership Award. Involvement is no stranger to Marc.

He holds current memberships in the following organizations: Twenty Distinguished Young Men of Huntsville; North Alabama - National Society of Black Engineers - Alumni Extension; Delta Theta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated; ArtNSoul Society of Expression, and Alabama A&M Alumni Association - Huntsville Progressive Chapter. Marc is an active member of Church Street Cumberland Presbyterian Church in American where he is considered the Poet in residence.

In addition to his many activities, he is an engineer and a disc-jockey/audio visual specialist.

Interview With Marc Lacy

What inspires you to write?
I write about societal issues and other elements in our lives that affect the dynamics of our everyday thinking, communicating, and physical activity.

Please explain the meaning of The Looking Heart?
The Looking Heart logo is a scope containing different dates, targets, and symbols. The mere meaning of the logo is: "When one peers through the scope of their heart, they can see anything". In essence, if I look within myself, through prayer, I'm able to achieve all that God wants me to. It's all about what the heart sees.

How do you write? Outline? Chapter by chapter? When it hits you?
I basically write as it hits me. Reason being, I know that I'll forget what's buzzing in my head after five minutes. The subject matter comes to me and I then just let the pen spit. Chapters are compiled later on. I have a poetry vault, which supplies the material for my books.

What do you hope your readers gain from your work?
I hope and pray that the reader gains a sense of self-motivation and confidence. I write to inspire. I want to challenge people to look deeply within themselves and refrain from that, which keep them from evolving. Such as going through the same protocol, regimen, or daily ritual, then expecting different results.

Who is your favorite poet? Author?
I'd have to say my favorite poet is my father, Walter Lacy. He has about nine pieces published in The American Poetry Anthology, 1989 Volume IX, Number 3. As far as favorite author is concerned, I've got a couple: Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, and Alex Haley.

What is your favorite poem?
The 23rd Psalm

What poem do your readers enjoy the most?
Most readers enjoy “Six Pack of Brewski". It throws the reader off at first; but they soon realize that it packs a power punch within the very few lines, which comprise its anatomy.

What is your tour schedule like?
The schedule is like stop and go this summer. In that there will be weekends where I have to DJ wedding receptions and parties. Give us a sneak peek into your next book?
I cannot give the title yet; but here's a piece from it:

Diet Riot
The high fiber tiger used to be the animal to see
But society is changing channels all too frequently
The media microphone screams panic
Now the flooding at the gates is gigantic
Ate a fat burger now the complaint is fat
If you raise a kitten the outcome just may be a cat
Diets are supposed to be good and not bad
But the crash seems like trash especially if it's a fad
The trend path seems to bend at an alarming rate
Benefits plus co-pay now support this ill fate
The SS Carb-Low may be the boat to row
But when the fashion veers, can you still steer?
Or exercise the ability to sue?
Because Sue Doe is too lazy to exercise
Pseudo describes Sue Doe's actual yearn
To apply will power and make the fat burn
Everyone wants health to increase
While elbows are rusted per no elbow grease
Infomercial Hershel gains knowledge so abrupt
But watch the magic work after a set of sit-ups
My monopoly jolopy has Atkins napkins in the backseat
To wipe the tears from fears of another style obsolete
How long will we let the media dictate a lifestyle?
During the Y2K blackout I blinked, and missed the trial
Moderation is the key that opens regulation's doors
Well balanced describes the meal that should be in store
For receiving a plate enters one into the game
But calisthenics will win it and your body will bare no shame....

Do you want to write a short story or novel eventually?
A big "maybe." I say that because I'm trying to get away with poetry for as long as I can.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm a Homeland Defense Administrator by day and a disc jockey by night. I'm a poet when time allows me to be one. I love writing poetry. I'm talking writing piece after piece after piece. I crave working out and playing basketball. Musical instruments are fascinating to me, even though I can barely play them. The guitar and keyboard are my favorite. I have a trivial mind and love history and all kinds of music. My mind is constantly churning thoughts about everything...including poetry. I get a kick out of interacting with people in the spirit of communion. Evolution is key in my life. I love to learn and I love challenges. It's a blessing for me to witness someone reaching deep down inside themselves and making a difference in their own and/or someone else's life.

My parents are my role models. They've been together going on 40 years. That is something that I glowingly like to mention. They are a blessing in my life and in the lives of many others. Creativity runs rampant through my family. My sister loves art and design, while my brother is into music.

God has allowed me to touch people through expression. What warms my heart though, is the fact that He has given us all the ability to express. The package just varies from person to person.

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