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5 Dating Profile Mistakes Women Make

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5 Dating Profile Mistakes Women Make

(Mybrotha.COM) - If you're a woman who uses dating websites, you know that quality responses are few and far between. You create a profile, post a few pics, and become totally confused (or offended) after receiving a handful of off-color messages.

You already know that men stare at your photos, but what about the rest of your profile? How can you be sure the entire package is getting the attention it deserves? Are there ways you can setup your profile to ensure you receive sincere messages from quality men?

Below are five of the biggest dating profile mistakes women make. If you're serious about online dating, avoid these:

1. A headline lacking enthusiasm.
Check out the following headlines: "Tired Of Waiting." "Just Waiting." "Waiting On Mr. Right." "Lonely Lady". "Bored Queen." "Lonely, Bored and Waiting."

This may seem like an exaggeration, but thousands of women begin their profiles this way. When men read headlines like these, we see frustration, neediness and annoyance. Finding the perfect mate should be a learning experience--not a tragedy.

Men typically respond to women who appear happy and good natured. Even if your previous dating experiences have been discouraging, avoid the urge to plaster your profile with negativity. Men need to know you're available and enthusiastic about love.

2. Not providing enough information about yourself.
It is widely known (and accepted) that men are visual creatures. We love gawking at sexy women, and your photo collection is usually the first stop when visiting your profile.

However, we also need to know more about the woman behind the pretty face. Even if men don't admit it, an accurate description of you (i.e. likes, dislikes, personality) is most important. Don't make the mistake of thinking your beautiful photos are all that's needed. Pictures may be enough for the average guy, but what woman wants "average?"

3. Too much information about what you don't want.
Why waste valuable profile space talking about the things you don't want? For some women, giving a laundry list of restrictions is an easy exit. It helps avoid self-examination, and fails to provide an accurate description of what you're really looking for.

Talking positively about yourself can be difficult, but men rarely benefit from a list of things you hate. Try listing your "must haves," expectations, and the personality traits most important to you. Men want to know if they measure up--not how inadequate they are. If your list of forbidden traits is extremely long, chances are most men will identify with at least one of them.

4. Bad photo choices.
What are the worst photos a woman can upload to her profile?

  • Party shots. These photos are typically posted to show how much fun you can be. If men think you're a 'party girl' who spends too much time enjoying the night life, your profile may be skipped. Or--men will respond only because they think you're a party chick--which may be worse than being skipped.
  • Photos with the ex. Photos including men are a bad idea to begin with, and pics with the ex should be avoided. (Yes--it's an ego thing.) The photos may be totally innocent, but innocence and the male psyche aren't good friends.
  • Outdated photos. If you no longer look like the young lady in the photo you're posting, don't post it. Our appearances change over time, and your photos should reflect your current features. As a general rule, photos should be no more than two years old.
  • Pics with entertainers. Often posted to show how well-connected, or diverse you are. Of course, it could simply be a great photo of you, but celeb shots don't usually get men stirred. If possible, use a photo-editing program to remove celebrities, your ex, or anyone you don't want sharing your pic space.
  • Photos of your animals. We know you love your dogs, kitties and horses, but we don't need to see 20 photos of them. Plus, if we think you would rather put us in a dog house instead of the dog, we see a difficult relationship on the horizon.
  • Any photos that don't include you. Men like gorgeous sunsets, rugged mountain ranges, and art collages. Unfortunately, those don't help build an image of you. We want to know how you look. A single photo is the minimum and 5 to 10 photos is the max. Anything beyond that is borderline narcissistic.

5. Bad grammar.
Believe it or not, men think women are the smartest creatures on the planet. Really -- we do. However, when your profile is full of misspelled words, text talk, and bad grammar, we often wonder what we're getting ourselves into -- especially if you speak like you write.

Avoid using slang, or web-speak... (ex. Can't c u 2day, so ttyl.) Punctuate appropriately and make complete sentences. Just be yourself. Posting a well-written profile only takes a little effort, and it gives men the best chance to understand you. Once you meet the right guy, you will likely never have to write for him again.

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