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9 Essential Online Dating Rules For Men

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(Mybrotha.COM) - Traditional dating schemes are old. No one truly wants to meet their future wife in a bar, and searching for a hottie in church doesn't always work as advertised.

Instead, millions of men have taken their manly ways and rugged looks to the Internet. Online dating sites offer a convenient dating alternative with access to thousands of beautiful, eligible women.

But there are rules. Unspoken rules you won't find printed in books or posted on blogs. No worries though--Mybrotha.COM is revealing the 9 most important ones below. Follow them, and dating success is just a click away:

  1. If you send her an email, and don't get a response, move on. Yes, she received your email. No, there wasn't a momentary glitch in the system that kept your email from reaching its destination. She didn't respond because she's not interested. Instead of taking this personally, look at it as a great opportunity to pursue other potential mates. There are thousands of women available, and wasting your time chasing an uninterested one is fruitless.
  2. Don't send winks, flirts or nudges. Women hate these. When you do it, you're basically saying, "I'm too cheap to pay the $15, $20, or $30 subscription fee, so I'll just send a wink to let her know I'm interested." Either that, or you're saying, "I don't have enough confidence or communication skills to say something meaningful, so I'll let the system say it for me." Fact is, women already know guys are interested. The question becomes: "What are you going to do about it?" You can start by writing a heart-felt message after reading her profile. (Yeah, you should actually read the profiles. See Rule #8.)
  3. Photos are mandatory. It's not that women are shallow (some of them are) but they need to know if they're physically attracted to you. Forget about your buddies, co-workers or family members seeing your mug online. Posting a photo with your profile shows boldness, and lets potential mates know that you have no reason to hide. You will never receive the responses you want if you don't include pictures in your profile. But keep it simple. No cheesy, shirtless poses next to your new Mercedes. A simple head shot with a cool smile will do. (Be sure to read: The Quick Guide To Online Dating)
  4. Don't reveal every flaw. We all have personalities with character defects, but many things about your psyche should be left private--at least until you get to know each other. For instance, don't reveal your history of forgetfulness, or your inability to keep clean clothes in your closet. Also, don't talk about activities you know women may frown upon... (i.e. the ungodly amount of time you spend sitting on the couch, or your reluctance to spend money.) Over time, your mate will figure these out on her own.
  5. Use your profile space wisely. Don'waste precious (and limited) character space on useless babble. This means you shouldn't complain about other women you've dated; or describe in detail what you hate about women; or talk about how boring your life may be. Instead, use the suggestions provided by the online dating site to create your profile... (i.e. describe your personality, life goals, your hobbies and what you look for in a woman). Women like substance, and a well written profile gives them a peek into your world.
  6. Never suggest a fact-to-face meeting in the first few emails. For one thing, it can be dangerous. Both men and women should always use caution when meeting someone they don't know. Plus, being overly anxious to meet in person will create suspicion in the minds of many women. If your intentions are to pursue a long-term relationship, getting to know her via email, texting, and by phone helps build a solid communication foundation.
  7. Tell the truth. Being completely honest may be difficult, but every woman you communicate with will appreciate it. This doesn't mean you should reveal every bad thing you've ever done (see Rule #4) but you should be honest about the basics. For example, don't lie about your height, job position, income, marital status, or the fact that you have children. The truth will eventually surface, and no woman will show you mercy if you've been dishonest.
  8. Besides beauty, find a reason to contact her. Her photos may depict the sexiest woman you have ever seen, but her true beauty lies within. Women want men to know them inside and out. When you take the time to read about her trip to Madagascar, or how she tore her dress at her best friend's wedding, it shows you're interested. You don't have to memorize every detail, but be sure she knows you're paying attention to more than just a pretty face.
  9. Respect her parameters. If you don't match the specifications she lists in her profile, don't contact her. Women typically don't respond to men who live 500 miles outside of their 25-mile radius, or men with opposing political and religious affiliations. If you feel an unbelievable urge to pursue her anyway, go for it. But don't be surprised if she doesn't respond. (See Rule #1).

Online dating sites can be fun and rewarding. Take time to study these nine rules and you will be more than prepared for the best possible results.

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