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Americanized Africans: New Generation Of Spiritual Warriors

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According to Webster’s dictionary, Americanized means to be integrated with or assimilated in spirit and culture to life in America. Webster also defines African as an individual of immediate or remote African ancestry. Hence, the African born in America represents a true hybrid, a combination of two extremely powerful cultures. This evolutionary fusion has developed a new generation of spiritual warriors that are thoroughly equipped to spawn a much-needed spiritual movement. The attitudes and historical make-up of these new spiritual warriors (Americanized Africans) are inspired by their connection to the historically significant Black Power and Civil Rights Movements, which represented the first time Africans born in America stood up and communally voiced their demands for social and political freedom.

"Sometimes it takes a life time to determine whether or not a single act was a [success] or not. There are some acts that carry with them a swift and decisive judgment. There effect is immediate and traceable…. [However], much of life involves us in actions growing out of decisions that work out there fulfillment through many months and often years," wrote Dr. Howard Thurman a mystic, scholar, and poet. The Black Power and Civil Rights Movements offered both immediate and long-range benefits for Africans born in America as well those who have since then migrated to America. A confluence of these great movements provided those who experienced them directly a stronger sense of pride and dignity and increased academic, social, political, and job opportunities. A more long-range benefit is the emergence of Americanized Africans who, as beneficiaries of others’ sacrifices, represent the most intellectually and economically advanced as well as the most diverse, in terms of professional experiences, generation of Africans that has ever subsisted in this country.

Nevertheless, from New World Negroes to Americanized Africans, it is, once again, time for progressive change! In his book Civil Rights and The Black American, Albert Balustein referred to the battle for progressive change as an “opportunity [for] this generation to end the one huge wrong of the American nation-and in so doing to find America for ourselves, with the same immense thrill of discovery which gripped those who first began to realize that here, at last, was a home for freedom.” The Zeitgeist-the spirit of the times-is leading this new generation of spiritual warriors (Americanized Africans) into battle so that they may continue the work of their ancestors and complete the mission of righting an immense wrong! Although it may not seem like it at times, the efforts of the New World Negro, colored, Black and Afro American, especially those who gave their lives during the Black Power and Civil Rights movements, are not in vain, as a new spiritual battle is on the horizon. This spiritual battle will require Americanize Africans to develop and implement national systemic social development and economic self-empowerment strategies that break the shackles of psychological bondage and the constant lack of economic self-empowerment; which too often serve as incubators for intergenerational failure within Americanized African communities.

The need for an effective social development strategy in Americanized African communities is a direct result of; over four hundred years the Africans brought to and born in America have had to endure a process of inhumane treatment and negative acculturation that is unmatched in the history of mankind. Social dilapidation and physical exploitation coupled with psychological subjugation have had a devastating effect as they are essentially responsible for the elements of psychological bondage (self-hatred, intergenerational family and community discord, substance abuse, violence, and social and academic paucities) that grip Americanized African communities. The forces of psychological bondage are so deep-seated it will take a systemic social development process that includes spiritual awareness, character education, psychological counseling as well as a passionate public awareness crusade to uproot.

Economic self-empowerment represents another crucial aspect of righting an immense wrong. Americanized Africans must go to battle with a detailed strategic plan that serves as a linkage to the vast network of highly capable Americanized Africans who can design, implement, and manage a national economic systemic course of action. An economic course of action that effectively develops community-based opportunities, financial institutions, and entrepreneurial prospects that capitalize on the vast amount of economic wealth within Americanized African communities. This economic self-empowerment strategy centers upon the premise that when well trained, qualified, and experienced servant leaders have direct operating control over community-based economic resources and institutions the community benefits as the quality of life in the areas of family hood, social/community awareness, education, healthcare, housing, household income, and politics are greatly enhanced.

Civil Rights leader Andrew Young once said, "…It’s time for a new generation to pick up the cross and begin their own movement." Americanized Africans are destined to pick up the cross and continue the work of their ancestors, righting an immense wrong! The Black Power and Civil Right Movements addressed the issue of righting social and political wrongs. Americanized Africans are destined to right the wrongs of psychological bondage and the chronic lack of economic self-empowerment. This struggle represents Americanized Africans’ Kairos, their moment of truth, a time to stand up and communally wage war for social development and economic self-empowerment. "Each generation…. has to face circumstances not of its own choosing, but by which its character is measured and its spirit tested,” said former president Jimmy Carter. For this generation of Americanized African spiritual warriors their character and spirit will be measured and tested on the battlegrounds for social development and economic self-empowerment.

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