Articles By Ezrah Aharone

» The Legend of Lincoln Unchained Ezrah Aharone
While Django Unchained is stirring controversy, Steven Spielberg's movie Lincoln, has unchained the Legend of Lincoln to new mythic heights, without due challenge.

» The Un-Abolishable N-Word  Ezrah Aharone
To pacify society, “Media Band-Aids” are constantly placed on open wounds of unhealed racism as the Shirley Sherrod incident demonstrated. Although the William Morris Agency dropped Mel Gibson ...

» The Makings of Modern Mis-Education  Ezrah Aharone
Dr. Carter G. Woodson, the father of Black History Month and second Black PhD to graduate from Harvard, wrote the acclaimed The Mis-Education of the Negro way back in 1933. In the 1940s...

» Are All Men Created Equal?  Ezrah Aharone
Since Lincoln's paperwork freed us in 1865 and Johnson's paperwork dubbed us equal in 1964, it's accurate to conclude that freedom and equality are not politically identical ...

Ezrah AharoneAbout Ezrah Aharone  - 
Ezrah Aharone is an adjunct associate professor at Delaware State University, and author of two acclaimed political books: Sovereign Evolution: Manifest Destiny from Civil Rights to Sovereign Rights (2009) and Pawned Sovereignty: Sharpened Black Perspectives on Americanization, Africa, War and Reparations (2003). He can be reached at

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