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» Chris Gardner and the Audacity of Hope  Matthew Lynch
In an article published earlier this year, entitled "Racism is not An Excuse to Underachieve," I examined underachievement in the black community. ...

» How to Effectively Communicate with Your Child's School  Matthew Lynch
During my three years at Hazlehurst Middle School, I facilitated countless parent-teacher conferences and served on many Individual Education Plan (IEP) committees ...

» Give It To Them Straight, Dr. Huxtable  Matthew Lynch
Over the past two years Bill Cosby has been subjected to a whirlwind of backlash stemming from his famous "Pound Cake" speech in May 2004 and various other comments ...

Matthew LynchAbout The Author - Matthew Lynch   All Articles By This Author
Matthew Lynch is an Exceptional Education Teacher, owner of Lynch Consulting Group, LLC and a Doctoral Candidate at Jackson State University. He is also the author of Closing the Racial Academic Achievement Gap, and children's book, Matthew and the Money Tree. Lynch is a contributing columnist for Renaissance Man Magazine, Bahiyah Women's Magazine and Emerging Minds Magazine, etc. Born and raised in Hazlehurst, MS, Lynch currently resides in Jackson, Mississippi. Visit his blog at

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