Articles By Michael O'Neal Grafton

» Inter-Generational Day-To-Day Struggle: Taking A Lift From One's Reality  Michael O'Neal Grafton
Michael O'Neal Grafton explores the history of struggles of African Americans, the long-term effects, and how we have endured.

» The Perfect Knowledge-Base  Michael O'Neal Grafton
Throughout the course of our daily experiences decisions are made to solve and navigate routine challenges, without much thought ...

» Hip Hop Ain't Nothing But the Young People's Blues  Michael O'Neal Grafton
Around the turn of the century some 119 years ago, Dr. W.E.B. DuBois, a Harvard-educated Black scholar, was shocked at the impoverished blues he found in a distressed Philadelphia ...

» Developing A Learned Community  Michael O'Neal Grafton
Plato says, "learning is the painful process of freeing the mind of prejudices and accepting the responsibility to help others to achieve this goal." In order to achieve the goal of creating a learned Americanized African community, void of the long-standing protracted ...

» Americanized Africans: New Generation Of Spiritual Warriors  Michael O'Neal Grafton
According to Webster’s dictionary, Americanized means to be integrated with or assimilated in spirit and culture to life in America.

» Victims, Not Villians  Michael O'Neal Grafton
Americanized Africans are criminals and therefore have a monopoly on committing crime in America! If you’ve ever watched media violence displayed during evening news flashes you could easily be deluded into believing this grossly disingenuous statement ...

» True Freedom Michael O'Neal Grafton
Richard Nixon once said, "The American Revolution is an unfinished enterprise. Each generation must do its part to carry on the work." The Zeitgeist-The Spirit of The Time-is calling this...

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The Americanized African Corporation (AAC), a non-profit 501(C) (3) organization, is committed to telling people where to go while simultaneously providing them with the training and opportunities necessary in order to get there. Michael O. Grafton is the Chairman Board of Directors of The Americanized African Corporation (AAC) and is based in Washington D.C. For more information, contact:

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