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Black Millionaires Share Their Advice

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Detroit, MI -- With the current crisis of Black unemployment, many African Americans -- like other Americans -- have turned to entrepreneurship out of necessity where job growth has slowed or disappeared. Many organizations report that this trend is likely to continue for all Americans as we continue to shift to a new, globally competitive economy.

According to data from the Census Bureau, African-American entrepreneurship is on the rise at rates greater than the general population. The challenge has been, starting and sustaining successful businesses.

Brother Bedford, founder of The Association of Black Entrepreneurs, has been on a mission seeking advice from Black Millionaires and thought leaders on what it really takes to start, grow, and sustain a successful business.

"If you ask any black person if they want to be an entrepreneur or have a successful business, the answer is yes. They just don't know how or they think it is too hard or out of their reach," says Bedford.

He also states, "The educational system is not set up to teach people how to be an entrepreneur or turn their talents and skills into a business. That's why I started seeking as much knowledge and advice as I could from those who have built successful 6, 7, and 8 figure businesses."

Bedford was shocked to see how some of our legendary millionaire entrepreneurs were willing to share their challenges and what they did to succeed.

Business Hall of Famer, George Fraser, Radio One & TV One founder, Icon Cathy Hughes, the world's #1 Motivational Speaker, Les Brown, NBC's Donald Trump's Apprentice Winner, Randal Pinkett, & star of The Secret, Lisa Nichols are just a few of the Millionaire entrepreneurs that Brother Bedford has interviewed.

Bedford shares the golden nuggets that he has learned from these business leaders through his websites and FREE reports.

Bob Johnson, America's first Black billionaire says, "Bro. Bedford has provided a tremendous service to the African-American community..."

Bro. Bedford is preparing for a national tour titled "You Were Born an Entrepreneur" to further inspire black people to think like entrepreneurs to solve the deepening economic crisis in the black community. For more details about his free training, visit

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