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CEO of Kaiser Permanente to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Bernard J. Tyson currently serves as Kaiser Permanente's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and has been lauded as one of the...

Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

What role, if any, does the black community play in supporting black entrepreneurs?...

Black Millionaires Share Their Advice

With the current crisis of Black unemployment, many African Americans -- like other Americans -- have turned to entrepreneurship out of necessity where job growth has slowed or disappeared.

Why Magic Johnson Should Buy Ebony and Jet

Ebony/Jet Ebony magazine is one of the oldest African-American magazines and its most successful. For decades, both magazines have been providing business, health, fashion, sports, entertainment and general...

The Grass Is Always Greener Until You Mow the Lawn

The S&P 500 has increased by 57% from the lows of March 2009, emerging markets have doubled and Americans are saving money again. How could the collapse of the economy been so imminent?...

African-American Speakers and Experts

Finding a Black expert can be difficult, which is part of the reason why you always see the same Black people (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, T.D. Jakes, etc.) being interviewed on ...

Top Diversity Small Businesses In the U.S.

DiversityBusiness, the nation's leading multicultural business website, today announced the top small businesses for each state in the U.S. The 7th annual listing ...

New Campaign for Black Entrepreneurs

Most families have concerns about finances at one time or another. Rising medical, educational, and living expenses put more and more strain on people every day ...

Discover The History of Black Business

Being a pioneer and going against the grain of traditional convention is a hallmark of Black business - or so it would seem to Kamau Austin, the Internet marketer with almost evangelical zeal. Upon reflection, Austin ...

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