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Our Culture

What defines black people in America, and all blacks of African descent? It's our culture, of course. Everything about us--behavioral patterns, history, our art and music, our beliefs--all shape the various human characteristics that make us the most diverse and unique group on earth. From kinky hair, to soulful voices, we are black culture.


Who Plays the Race Card?

Many whites feel that any mention of race is an attempt by blacks to justify or excuse some action or reaction. On the other hand, too many blacks ...

Black Moms and the Seeds They Plant

The lessons we learn from our parents are invaluable, and those lessons often save us from self-destruction. But black mothers in America seem to have a sixth sense when ...

Good China: A Lesson In Family Values

Teaching kids family values and life's lessons can be tough or easy. My mother found creative ways to keep us on our toes ...

Shocked: You're Still Alive?

I was wandering around town as I usually do on my days off and after doing what I had planned. It seemed like an average day. The sun high in the sky ...

Black America Under Siege

First off, not all of White America is racist; neither is all of Black America demented enough to refer to itself by the n-word. Nonetheless, Black America is under ...

The High Cost of Avoiding Difficult Conversations

Nationwide survey concludes : Lost friendships, family estrangement and regret cited, while Americans reveal extraordinary efforts to avoid tough topics.

10 Things Men Must Have On Their Life's To-Do Lists

How much of your life's to-do list have you completed? Have you made great strides in reaching your biggest goals? Maybe you want to see the Grand Canyon, or become the next great recording artist ...

Don't Claim Baggage Pain

Frequent flyer miles, checking baggage, dodging folks, and darting through crowds not to miss a flight are the mundane happenings of airport life. Once travelers arrive at their destination, they wait for baggage.

Americanized Africans: New Generation Of Spiritual Warriors

According to Webster’s dictionary, Americanized means to be integrated with or assimilated in spirit and culture to life in America.

True Freedom

Richard Nixon once said, "The American Revolution is an unfinished enterprise. Each generation must do its part to carry on the work." The Zeitgeist-The Spirit of The Time-is calling ...

Crash Course On Stereotypes

In the stereotype busting film Crash, two young blacks come out of a restaurant steaming mad. In the course of their stroll down the sidewalk one of them claims that a waitress ignored them, then gave them lousy service, that the whites in the restaurant ...

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