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Dating Expectations

Almost everyone who has spent time in a relationship has a sense of expectation in regards to participating in that relationship. Whether we expect our partner to introduce us to their friends, or pay their own way on a date, we all have expectations.

But here's a good rule of thumb to live by: Don't expect too much!

Your knowledge of your partner is limited and what you expect could very well exceed her expenditures. Expectations are assumptions disguised as wants. The things you want or expect from a mate may not be what they are willing, or even capable of giving.

Here, we must re-introduce that phenomenal word that should be the basis of all great relationships -- "communication". Without it, you have nothing. With only a little of it, you're destined to make crucial errors while trying to get to know your date. Making a concerted effort to open the lines of communication and to keep them open indefinitely will go a long way in helping to establish a foundation.

What if her expectations are too high? For example, she may expect you to be a well-spoken gentlemen as specified in the latest edition of The Chivalrous Handbook... (There is no such book, but if there were, most men would receive it as a stocking-stuffer for Christmas!)

Women's dating expectations are based on their own desires, how they believe a dating relationship should progress, or information they've gathered through previous dating experiences. If a woman is accustomed to being treated like an Arabian queen on first dates, she may not necessarily appreciate your offer to have dinner at a local Burger King.

Aside from expectations that are totally natural or just plain common courtesy... (i.e. covering your mouth when you cough, taking a shower (or two) before the date, etc.) ... most other expectations are based on our personalities, experiences, and desires. Even if a woman expects you to show her a grand night out on the town, you would have no way of knowing this since you don't know her. However, after some time together, and lots of communication, your expectations and hers will begin to align appropriately to the things each person is capable of giving..

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