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Dating Compatibility


How do you know when and if you are compatible with the woman you're dating? The short answer is: You don't.

At least not in the beginning.

In order for two people to become better acquainted with each other, they must do three things. First, they must communicate. Second, they should communicate. Finally, when all else fails, they should try communicating!

Pretty easy, right?

Communication is vital to every relationship and a dating relationship is no exception. In fact, communication is the most important key to a successful dating relationship. Through our conversations and communications with women, we are better able to understand the issues such as likes and dislikes, goals and aspirations, oppositions, parallels, and commonalities. Being expressive will help your mate determine whether what she has to offer, is worth offering.

Sure, we all quibble over the smallest things. Oftentimes, these are just minor disturbances and can be downright petty.

But true compatibility is not measured by disagreements over the positioning of a toilet seat lid. While such things as toilet seat positioning are important, these type issues will not determine whether or not you should cut and run.

To help facilitate a more successful dating journey, you must put your best foot forward and present something more than a mere shadow of a man. This means being open and honest about your intentions, and not leaving anything to the imagination. A woman who feels disconnected because of lack of communication, is a woman walking in the opposite direction.

Communication is what helps build the foundation from which we all can determine true compatibility.

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