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Your Dating Style

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Your dating style may be similar to millions of other men or it could be unique to you. What exactly constitutes a "date"? Does the term, "dating" refer to dating the same person over and over, or dating various people? These type questions have been bandied about for decades and we will answer some of them here.

Websters definition of a date is, "to make or have a date with; or to go out on usually romantic dates". Obviously, Webster isn't living in the new millenium. These days, there are romantic dates, dinner dates, blind dates, online dates, and even speed dates. How you define, "dating" will create a direct relation to how you perform on your dates.

If you think of a date as spending quality time with someone you wish to know better, then your definition fits more securely with traditional views. If your stomach is grumbling and you ask a woman to accompany you to the nearest buffet, the term, "date" isn't normally used to describe this scenario.

Through the years, the process of dating has been skewed and twisted so much, that any definitions of it are unique to the persons involved. I am reminded of a friend who believes that, "dating" is the process of going out with different women, seeking to determine which is the best prospect for future romance. To him, it was natural to be in the company of a different woman on consecutive weekends. I never quite understood how he kept so many names from overlapping, but nevertheless, this was his perception of dating.

Oppositely, many women tend to believe in dating only one man. The reasons vary and range from only having the energy to concentrate on one man at a time, to being respectful of the time spent with one man. A lot of women say that dating more than one man hinders their abilities to adequately focus on one man.

Most black men would rather be the only show in town and don't usually find much joy in being "one of the pack".

Your best bet is to be open about your definition of dating and what style you follow. Women aren't too keen on competition these days and that's exactly how they would feel, knowing you're dating every girl in town.

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