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From Blacknews.COM - April 12, 2006

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Executive Marketing Group Chicago, IL - Most families have concerns about finances at one time or another. Rising medical, educational, and living expenses put more and more strain on people every day.

Families are wondering-is there no way out? To look ahead to a future of work, work, work and less and less time with loved ones can be bleak and extremely discouraging. Many people have lost hope, settling into a routine of exhaustion and apathy.

Such conditions lead many to search for businesses that offer a greater chance at financial security. Unfortunately, most of these "opportunities" require high investments and expansive inventories and come with an alarming risk of failure. After getting burned a few times on such endeavors as these, many enterprising individuals return to the "rat race," convinced that there's no way out.

One such couple was Corey and Sheri Muhammad in Chicago, Illinois. "It was never our goal to work in Corporate America for the next 30 years of our lives for someone else's dream," says Sheri, who holds a BS in Business Administration and an MBA in Marketing from Florida A & M University.

The Muhammad's joined Executive Marketing Group (EMG) in July 2002. Today the group has collectively over 5000 customers and is comprised of individuals who share a common goal: enhancing the lives of others, having family balance and achieving a secure financial future.

EMG has partnered with a financially sound, privately held International wellness firm. According to data analysts "the Health and Wellness industry will be the next trillion dollar industry". The team consults their clients on how to take a pro-active approach and make changes that can ultimately influence their health through education.

As a team they have earned over $3,500,000 over the last three and a half years. Ninety-nine percent of this gross income has been generated part-time. Corey shares "We are now seeking to expand EMG in every metropolitan city throughout the US." Our campaign will span over the next 18 months. The goal is to identify highly motivated and assertive entrepreneurial-minded individuals who must possess people skills, professionalism, and a strong work ethic.

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