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How Women Flirt

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Depending on the woman, flirting may be revealed in several different ways. You may notice the long, seductive stares; the extra long smiles; and the exaggerated laughter. There are also episodes of excessive conversation that go way beyond a simple 2-minute chat.

The art of flirting for women can show up in several ways, so let's explore some of them.

Women are much more subtle about flirting than men, so the physical clues aren't always obvious. Guys are not accustomed to getting a lot of attention from women, and certainly do not get approached often. So recognizing a flirtatous move can sometimes be a bit tricky.

Here are some signs to help you determine that she is flirting with you:

  • Making the first move
    Women hardly ever enjoy making the first move. When they do, it means the interest level has been raised. However, don't expect a woman to flag you down and desperately ask for your attention. Most will never allow themselves to be placed in that position.

  • Extended looks and stares
    While not considered rude in most countries, Americans usually take offense to staring and extended gazes. But in these circumstances, men don't mind those extended looks. When a women gives you more eye attention than usual, she's already gathered physical facts and is letting you know that you're worth looking at.

  • No personal space
    People are picky about personal space and women know this. Some women will narrow the distance between a man and herself if she's flirting with him. This could be done while walking, while sitting, or while standing and having a conversation.

  • Body language
    Probably one of the most difficult suggestions for men to pick up on. A woman's body language may not be sexually suggestive enough for you to make a determination about her interest in you. But some key signs are: tilting the head while talking; clasping the hands behind her back while talking; and touching you or your clothes, while talking.

The flirting that women do is mostly harmless. If she is seeking more than just a friendly banter of conversation, she will surely let you know. Men have a tendency to mistake friendly behavior for flirting or sexual overtones. Men should understand and be aware of the natural male tendency to view most interaction from a woman as something suggestive.

For many men, the goal is to convert all of that flirting into dates. Those intial gazes are fine, but what happens when we do it with a purpose?

If the conversation is good and the attraction is strong, a simple suggestion for future conversations will suffice. Don't make the mistake of "overflirting", or making early suggestions for intimacy.

Be humorous and have fun doing it. Humor is important and helps break up tension since both men and women can sometimes experience nervousness while flirting for dates.

Effective communication, even if it's through flirting, is always the key to the next step.

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