Lifestyle: Black and Afro-American History

Black History

Black and Afro-American History

We actively study African and black history around the world, and learn that it is an awe-inspiring undertaking where the true meaning of the history of the world is discovered. "Where did it start?" "Who was the first?" Throughout history, these and many questions alike, have been answered with the simple, but powerful phrase, "It began in Africa."


Human Zoos: Exposing Scientific Racism

Perhaps the most shocking display of all was the exhibition of African man Ota Benga in a cage in the Monkey House at the Bronx Zoo in New York City.

Celebrating Black History

In an effort to spotlight all aspects of the African American experience, many schools and cultural organizations hold special exhibitions, lectures ...

American Legacy Magazine Celebrates The Freedom Riders of 1961

American Legacy magazine publisher Rodney Reynolds was reluctant to place mug shots of African-Americans on the cover of the ...

Reflecting On Africa

It has been said that America and Africa are two vast continents separated by over 4,000 miles of ocean - but united by over 400 years of history ...

Top 10 Museums for Black History Month announced the top 10 museums whose artifacts, memorabilia and collections bring Black History to life. The facilities brim with items as varied as audio recordings of slave narratives in ...

Return To Roots: Alex Haley's Aboard the African Star

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the American iconic book and miniseries Roots, Reader's Digest has compiled a collection of articles written by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alex Haley from 1954 to 1991 in a new book entitled ...

Hip Hop Ain't Nothing But the Young People's Blues

Around the turn of the century some 119 years ago, Dr. W.E.B. DuBois, a Harvard-educated Black scholar, was shocked at the impoverished blues he found in a distressed Philadelphia community inhabited by blacks ...

We Did This

I’ve just finished reading "Should America Pay" by Dr, Winbush, one of the most powerful books I have ever read, one that has impacted my life in ways that are unparalleled. I am a White person, after reading all ...

Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute - What If

If I could travel back in time and take a panoramic view of history, like the late Dr. Martin Luther King did; where in history would I began my reflection?

Globalization Not New; Look at Slave Trade

Globalization - or the ability of many people, ideas and technology to move from country to country - is not new. In Africa, it was initiated by the slave trade and given impetus by colonialism and Christian missionaries.

Khufu: Builder of The Pyramids

Who was Khufu and what do his accomplishments offer African-American men and all Black men across the diaspora? His accomplishments offer guidance, hope, and stability.

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