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Women: Here's How To Identify A Mature Man

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Mature men

As a man ages, his life's experiences teach him several valuable lessons. Those lessons – which typically include stumbling through relationship strife, experiencing financial gains and losses, and dealing with career and life turmoil -- are all uniquely merged to shape his character. What he's learned doesn't make him perfect; rather, each lesson is a fragment of educational and enlightening reality that, when combined, produce a heart and mind overflowing with undeniable wisdom.

When a man matures, it doesn't mean he is boring, stringent and forgets how to have fun; it simply means he has experienced life's ups and downs, taken its hardest punches and not only survived, but flourished. He has made his share of mistakes and bone-headed decisions, and paid for them. He has hurt people and he has been hurt, but through good and bad, he discovered his true worth.

For women who seek a man of quality, it's not difficult to recognize a mature man. But be prepared -- a matured, cultivated man won't behave like the unseasoned men you may be accustomed to.

Here are some certain signs that you're dealing with a mature man:

Drama and turbulence no longer exist.
Men who reach true manhood seek peace, harmony, and stability in their relationships, and cease to engage in meaningless commotion. Men who attain this level of maturity know the difference between courting a woman and chasing her, and he refuses to do the latter. When a woman ends a relationship with a mature man, he won't continue to call, text, or attempt to have sex with her. Whatever the reason for her departure, he will honor it and let her walk.

Beauty doesn't come first.
While a woman's physical beauty is still important to him, it no longer reigns as the most important quality he seeks. A man of substance desires a woman of substance, and he looks for someone who is strong intellectually, compassionate, principled, conscientious, and instinctful. There will be other qualities he seeks, but a flawless face and body will not be at the top of his list.

Seasoned men don't care what people think.
A mature man cares what his spouse and children think of him, but he has no energy to expend on what the masses think of him, his choices, or his life. Mature men are self-assured and no longer make decisions based on what the world dictates. Instead, a mature man focuses his decision-making on what is best for him and his family.

When he's gone, he's gone.
Over a lifetime, most of us experience a relationship breakup where the woman leaves, and we are left with a broken heart. Experience has shown that typically, when a woman is done with a relationship, she's done. Well -- the same is true for well-established men. Mature men face reality much sooner than their immature brethren. A mature man won't hesitate to walk away from a bad relationship or distance himself from a woman who lacks the quality attributes he desires.

Material possessions aren't important.
"Things" become less meaningful to men who are content with themselves and their lives. There is nothing wrong with looking good, or dropping some hard-earned cash on the occasional splurge. However, status items like expensive cars and car accessories; jewelry; tech gadgets; and high-end fashion will take a backseat to more important things.

He's lowered his high expectations.
Grown men know that having unreal expectations is a recipe for disappointment. Mature, experienced men no longer look for women with the perfect body or the woman willing to do anything and everything he wants. He also doesn't expect to get something for nothing in his relationships, his job, or in life, and understands that it takes hard work and perseverance to generate positive results.

Family comes before friends.
Men of substance understand the importance of family. They believe in commitment and prefer to spend time cultivating their families by being supportive fathers and husbands, and actively pursuing tasks that help strengthen the family bond. A mature man still has friends whom he may spend time with, but they will always take a backseat to his household.

Taking responsibility for actions or inaction.
Every man makes tough choices in life and we sometimes make poor decisions that reflect negatively upon us. But, a mature man realizes this and instead of blaming others when things go awry, he takes responsibility for his part. A man who is emotionally mature will admit his mistakes, learn from his lousy decisions, embrace his flaws, and correct any wrongdoing for which he is responsible.

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