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Ex-Prisoner Has Words of Wisdom For Black Youth

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A Message To Brothas

After spending six years in prison, I have dedicated my life to helping brotha's avoid the BIGGEST trap for black and hispanic men - JAIL. Marian Wright Edelman said "Poverty of things is no excuse for poverty of will and spirit."

In my early teens, I envisioned the life I wanted for myself, but a lack of understanding and wisdom guided me down a path that would change my life forever. I entered Alabama A&M, but shortly afterwards I withdrew because I had decided that I could be a good drug dealer (if that makes any sense). At the time it did because I said as long as I am not killing and robbing I was not part of the problem. I wasn't forcing people to take drugs. They were taking them on their own. After a short period of time I was living the life I had envisioned during my early teens. I had all the luxuries I wanted which included flying on private jets, but in the drug game the larger you become the bigger target you become.

One night -- I get a phone call and they tell me that one of my friends was killed along with his mother during a home invasion. This situation changed the way I looked at the drug game forever because I couldn't understand how they could kill him, but I definitely didn't understand how they could kill his innocent mother. Shortly afterwards another friend of mine was kidnpped. Imagine being in this situation. Do you give up the money or hope they don't kill him? No one needs to go through this to have money. By the grace of God he came out of this situation without a scratch, but everyone doesn't get this blessing.

So many things had occurred and I had lost my desire to continue to live my life in this manner and I begin to ask God to deliver me. I didn't ask for a certain kind of deliverance. My connection while bringing me 26 kilo's was apprehended and he told on me and now I am off to prison.(Be careful of what you ask for when you are not specific). In my book "These 4 Walls" with Foreword written by Les Brown, I give full details of how everything transpired. The story will not allow you to put the book down.

During my incarceration I begin to notice that most of the men in prison were between the ages of 19 and 25. They had no education and that caused them to lack self esteem. I decided to take myself from these ranks and during the six years I was incarcerated I received an Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education. I have a diploma in Financial Planning and I am a certified Personal Trainer. I read almost 400 books on spirituality and self-improvement.

While I was educating myself, I began to acquire information from the younger prisoners about their situations and why they felt they made the decisions to commit crimes. While I was acquiring information from them, I was taking a closer look at myself because I could not allow this to happen to me again. I realized that it was a slap in the face to so many for me to be doing time in prison when people had given up their lives so I could have freedom. I realized that my freedom was my most valuable asset and I would never give it up again.

There are a plethora of reasons that lead to incarceration for black and hispanic men, but the large number of them attribute it to lack of education, mentors and spirituality. I begin to do a lot of research into human development along with reading the scriptures and from my studies -- God revealed to me he wanted me to share my story with the world in the hope that they will make better lifestyle choices. At this point I knew I had to speak because I had to share the information God had given me so I could help someone overcome like God had done for me. Part of my mission is to also prevent this tragedy from happening to all the men and women I can... (because the rate women are being incarcerated has increased tremendously).

I had accomplished alot and now it was time for me to go home, but I am a little scared because I had spent so much time in the streets and I began to recall the conversation that Elijah Muhammad had with Malcom X during the movie Malcolm X. He told Malcolm he was proud of him for all the things he had accomplished in prison, but he was just like Job. God had protected Job and the gates had protected him. Let me see how you respond to the whores, drugs and alcohol that you can put your hands on daily now that you are free. If you pass these tests then I know you have changed. Evaluate yourself every six months to see how you are living. The areas you fall short in do your best to improve. This is how I live my life now that I am free. I am not perfect and I still make mistakes, but I do my best to correct the areas that I am not pleased with.

My message is one of MENTORING, EDUCATING, AND INSPIRING. My journey has allowed me to be one of today's great MOTIVATOR'S. If you need a speaker to accomplish these things don't hesitate to contact us at 1-888-hardykd. You can also purchase "These 4 Walls " By K.D. Hardy with the Foreword written by Les Brown at

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About The Author - K.D. Hardy

K.D. Hardy is motivational speaker and author whose book "These 4 Walls" (Foreword written by the Les Brown) is receiving great reviews. During his time in prison, Hardy read almost 400 books on spirituality and self-improvement. He also received an Associate of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Diploma in Financial Planning, and has become a Certified Personal Trainer.

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