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Early Success for Children Is the Key

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Kids Community College Riverview, FL - When Tim Kilpatrick thinks about children across America, he envisions them in a quality educational system that promotes early academic success. He has always believed that a child's education should be designed to cultivate intellect, character, self-discovery, aesthetic awareness and personal health and fitness. In 2002, Kilpatrick discovered a formula for making that happen and now he's projecting that formula nationwide.

Kid's Community College® (KCC) is a nationally accredited premier institution and advanced elementary public school of choice, offering undergraduate (preschool), graduate (elementary) and vocational (supplemental educational service) programs. In Summer 2007, Francorp -- one of the country's most recognized franchise consulting and development companies, will assist Kid's Community College® in its efforts to reach a national market by franchising.

"Ultimately the strategic goal is to franchise KCC to 27 states (beginning in Florida, Georgia and Illinois) operating 40 campuses and to take the company public by 2013," says Kilpatrick, Kid's Community College® founder and President.

A key element attached to the success of Kid's Community College® is their ability to provide premier caregiving, individualized instruction, technology, and high quality teaching to each student’s distinct, practical world. Through strong franchising efforts, the institution will soon be able to market that element to communities throughout the U.S., which will help remedy several issues that currently burden public school systems.

"With legislation like No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and other remedial measures taking the forefront, Kid’s Community College® was founded to focus on early, immediate individual success - negating the need for later remediation. Simply put, early success is the key to future success, not waiting until something is broken and then trying to fix it," Kilpatrick said.

Even though KCC is expanding and growing its institution beyond its three campuses currently located in the Tampa/Riverview area, the school remains devoted to its educational philosophy - "Every student is a unique individual with unique needs, capabilities and desires."

With a learning system deep rooted in identifying the individual learning modality of each student served using trademarked skills and developmental checklist, differentiated instruction, the Multiple Intelligence Developmental Assessment Scales developed by Dr. Branton Shearer of Kent University and then developing an Individual Development and Educational Plan for each student, involving the entire student family in the individualized educational process rests at the core of the 1st Degree Learning System used by Kid’s Community College®.

Kid’s Community College® early learning institutions enter a marketplace to not only introduce a higher level of caregiving services, but to introduce student families to the concept of addressing academics and development in the earliest stages of life where it is the most crucial. And while our growth plans are big, we remain committed and focused on the formula that has made us so successful," Kilpatrick said.

Kilpatrick said KCC will continue to limit early learning campuses to 70 student families and allow no student ratio higher than 1:8. Elementary campuses will not allow more than 18 students per classroom and will continue to use classroom coaches and paraprofessionals in addition to the classroom professors providing unparalleled individual instruction.

Growing a quality institution for early learners isn't an easy task. Many educators, parents, and social figures have been critical of the U.S. education system for years and the battle to build better learning environments may involve more schools like KCC.

"The U.S. continues to lag behind other nations when it comes to publicly educating students, but we spend just as much as anyone trying to educate them. The systems we are dealing with today took years to reach their current state. Many of the measures instituted by our school boards and governing agencies are meant to remediate or fix the problems that exist within those systems. Unless and until we begin investing more money, time and research into individualized, differentiated early learning and instruction that is tailored to the individual needs of the students rather than standardized measures, it will be difficult to overcome the ill effects of the current state of those educational systems. NCLB proves that we can allocate the necessary resources. Now it’s a matter of refocusing those efforts and thinking outside of the box," said Kilpatrick.

The KCC concept was born in 2002 while Kilpatrick was approaching retirement at the tender age of 35. As a senior level IT executive for an international $3 billion food service conglomerate, he was searching for something more personally rewarding, while addressing a personal need in his newly formed family – having an adopted son with a perceived learning disability. Through the process of identifying the hinderances to his son’s success, Kilpatrick was introduced to Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory and the Kid’s Community College&req; program grew from there.

It was painfully obvious to Kilpatrick that there was a sincere need for an early educational model that put the learning modality and individual ability of the child center stage, rather than the curriculum materials used or a testing standard that needed to be achieved.

Five years and over 250 successfully served students later, Kid’s Community College® holds a 2-year waiting list and is poised to take the next step in its evolution – reaching a national market. For more information about KCC, visit: Kid's Community College.

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