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Paying The Bills

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If you're like most people, you work for a living. Even though there may be a multitude of reasons why many of us drag ourselves out of king-sized beds every morning, most often it has to do with a stack of bills that always seem to follow us, no matter where we go. Bills are made up of any financial obligation and range from monthly car payments, to weekly yard maintenance. But in a relationship, whose responsibility is it to pay the bills?'s yours, of course.

Since there was no distinction between male and female, that means we're talking about Y-O-U.

Unless you have some type of heavenly arrangement where your spouse takes care of all household bills, you should definitely be sharing in the festivities. If not partaking in the general household financial bindings, you should at least be paying for your own personals.

Oftentimes, the strength of many marriages hinges on weekly, or monthly monetary issues.

However, if money is at the forefront of your constant bickering, it is very likely that a larger problem lingers. But that's another article!

Most financial strain in relationships is due to lack of money, or the mishandling of money. This could be the result of a lost job, low paying employment, mismanagement of bills, reckless spending habits, or enormous debt.

"The first step towards spending isn't to make a detailed budget. It's to spend less. Stop opening your purse (or wallet or whatever) and stop flashing the old credit card every time you want something.", says CNN/Money columnist Walter Updegrave.

"Granted, it is harder to save when basic expenses like shelter, utilities and food eat up most of your income. But there is almost always some way to pare back expenses so you can put aside even a small amount of money each month. People who are serious about saving for their future find ways to do this.", he says.

The fact of the matter is, if you want to stop fighting about the bills, stop squandering money. You cannot neglect your bills...(Well, you could, but it's not suggested!), you cannot steal the money...(Again, this is highly discouraged!), and it's sometimes too difficult to command a higher salary than you're currently making. What's left?

Keeping what little money you may retain after all expenses are paid will go a long way in helping you stay afloat in your relationship.

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