Personal Finance

Personal Finance

Making Your Money Work For You



The 5 Most Important Tips for Building Wealth

The rich aren't simply avoiding high taxes and paying themselves first; they also use their money to create more money.

You Need More Than A Job: 9 Ways to Make Money Online

Call them side hustles, gigs, or second jobs -- passive income can be defined as regular flowing income that requires very little or no additional work.


The Best Credit Cards of 2019

With so many credit card offers, What is the best way to choose a card that suits your financial needs?

Avoiding Debt Relief Scams

Have you heard that old cliche that says: "If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is?" The statement still rings true today, and is especially noteworthy ...

The Real Truth About Bankruptcy

In these economic conditions, the word "bankruptcy" has experienced an "extreme makeover." For millions of people this year and in the future, filing for bankruptcy is a dreadful ...

Credit Card Consolidation

It is not uncommon for families or individuals to find themselves in the midst of credit card debt. Many people wonder if credit card debt consolidation is for them. What is involved in this process?

The Federal Reserve Bank and Your Credit Card

You may get bargains at the store checkout. You may get an award or "cash back" for using your credit card. You may get a store rebate. What you may not get is a low credit card interest rate.


Flexible Payment Mortgages

With most mortgages, your payment is the same every month. But what if your paycheck isn't so regular? Would you like to be able to vary your mortgage payment depending on your cash flow?

Five Tips To Improving Your Home's Value

Are you one of thousands of Americans who are thinking about improving your current home or buying a "fixer-upper" home? Before you take the leap, here are five things you should know before you start spending your ...

Home Equity Loans Without Perfect Credit - What To Expect

Getting approved for a personal loan with recent or past credit problems may pose a problem. Because of credit blemishes, most lenders are hesitant to offer money to those with a low credit rating. Thus, acquiring funds ...

Should You Use A Lease/Purchase (Rent to Own) Approach to Sell or Rent Your Home?

Have you ever dealt with bad renters? Late payments? Stains on the carpet? Calls late at night about a stopped toilet?

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